United Airlines MileagePlus Reservations Contact Information

Call On +1-888-539-6764 for Mileageplus information

Fax Number Is 1-872-825-0198

If you want to save some money on flights, you can enroll yourself on the MileagePlus program which is an exclusive frequent flyer program introduced by United Airlines that comes with several added benefits and privileges. United Mileageplus Contact is one such program that offers reward points in the form of miles to its members which they can use later while traveling, dining, shopping, and many more activities. If you are a frequent traveler, you can also earn special facilities other than just miles.

So, if you are a member of MileagePlus program member or want to join the program and looking for some information regarding the program, you can contact the MileagePlus Service Center by sending them an email. You can also contact them on the phone by calling on +1-888-539-6764 which is for people who are residing in the U.S and Canada. The MileagePlus Service Center representatives are available 7 days a week from 7 a.m. – 12 a.m to attend your call and provide you with the required information.

MileagePlus automated phone system menu

You can also choose the option of United Airlines automated IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) phone system, which gives you the option to choose between speech recognition and touch-tone options. If you are looking to view the phone menu of MileagePlus by using the touch-tone option, you need to look at the number of available options and corresponding commands mentioned below-

  • If you want to know the balance or involve in any transactions, you need to dial 1
  • If you want to request for a mileage credit, dial 2
  • For making any reservations, dial 3
  • For any up-gradation, dial 4
  • To go to your account, dial 5
  • To know your account balance press 5, then 1
  • To change the PIN of your account, dial 5 and then press 2
  • If you want any kind of assistance for logging into your account, you need to dial 5 and then press 3
  • If you want to make any changes in your account press 5, then 4
  • If you have any other questions for your account, then Press 5 and again 5
  • Dial 6 to know other options
  • Dial 6, then 1 to get any program info
  • If you want to change the PIN, dial 6, then 2
  • For promotions, dial 6, then 3
  • To know about MileagePlus Explorer Card, dial 6, then 4
  • To know about the MileagePlus program, dial 6, then 1, then 1 again
  • To know about the Premier® program, dial 6, then 1, then 2
  • For any awards, dial 6, then 1, then 3
  • To know about the process to enroll in any program, dial 6, then 1, then 4
  • To know about their Partners, dial 6, then 1, then 5.

Kindly note: You should keep in mind that you will not get the touch-tone menus on all United calls but will get the option to enter your personal details you’re your account or credit card numbers. E.g., you can use the keypad of your phone and enter the numbers 22212345 when you are asked to input your MileagePlus account number ABC12345.

If you reside out of the U.S. or Canada, you need to contact your local United Airlines Mileageplus Reservations Contact Number +1-888-539-6764 for any kind of information.

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