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If you are traveling for the first time with United Airlines, then you need not  worry as attentive flight attendants will give you all the necessary directions to be safe and comfortable while on board. They will provide you all instructions such as how to use an oxygen mask, which button you should use to move your seat, how and when to stand to de-board the flight, etc.

Connect to the accessibility desk of the United Airlines by calling on the customer service number of the airline, if you want to request a wheelchair for your journey. People with disabilities can reach out to this dedicated number and request special requirements.

Moveable Aisle armrests

United Economy seats with move able armrests are recognized by tail number, aircraft type, and location. Newly added Boeing aircraft in United Airlines has added move able armrests in the section of the United Economy, except for rows named as the bulkhead and an exit row. While purchasing the United Airlines flight ticket, you can check the fleet type. You can check the actual aircraft number before 48 to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure.

Armrest release mechanisms depend on the type of seats used on the aircraft. All release mechanisms are hidden as a safety precaution so that unwanted release during take-off and landing can be prevented.

  • Some release mechanisms are placed on the inside of the armrests or underneath the armrest cover.
  • Other release mechanisms are situated underneath the rubber armrest cover. This is located near the pivot point at the bottom edge. The armrest is attached to the seat frame. To locate the release, check the bottom edge of the rubber armrest cover. Move the armrest upward by pressing the button. Move the armrest back into its position, if you want to lock back into place.
  • Some release mechanisms are situated between the inside of the armrest and the seat back cushion. To find the release, place your hand between the seat back cushion located at the armrest pivot point and armrest. Press the button and place the armrest upward, once located. It will return to the original position.
  • Passengers who have requested the pre-boarding, are allowed to keep their wheelchair in the on board space or closet upon request. If requested during pre-boarding, then stowing the wheelchair on board takes priority over the crew, customer, or company material.
  • All the aircraft of United Airlines have space to keep at least one adult-sized wheelchair. 


On some selected aircraft such as 787, 777, 767 United has wheelchair-accessible lavatory. On United’s single-aisle Airbus 320, Airbus 319, 757-300, 757-200, 737-900, 737-800, and 737-700 aircraft, lavatories are equipped with handrails and a privacy curtain.

Cargo compartments

  • If a wheelchair or cart fits through the aircraft bin door, then the power equipment will not be disassembled, leaving the batteries attached. 

If a wheelchair or cart can’t pass through the aircraft bin door, then airport personnel will ask you for directions on how to disassemble your equipment.


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